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Control & spin : a exceptional development! Tibhar's D-TecS technology presents its latest innovative development. This rubber sheet feels like "I can do everything". The established version already incorporates a very mild tension, which generally enhances ball control in most styles of play. With this new D.TecS version the ball speed will increase a little but the ball control will be significantly emphasized. Like each of our D-TecS rubber sheets, Vari Spin D.TecS also comes in our "airtight pack" that ensures its longevity, and keeps the rubber "intense" and ready to play.


Additional product details:


Speed: 84

Control: 94

Spin: 95

Characteristics: Allround

Rubber-Type: Pimple in

Rubber-Hardness: Soft


Tibhar Rubber Vari Spin D.Tec.S.

32,90 €Prix
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