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The maximum speed and spin is achieved thanks to the inbulid speed glueing effect. Donic Desto F1, a serial rubber sheet that has a maximum effect of speed glueing as if you Product details:


applied glue several times. A high-tech tool for players with big potential and sufficient practice. With spin and speed completely unknown for unglued rubber sheets. The implemented speed glueing effect produces much sound and softness. This new Formula is exciting to play with. Donic Desto F1´ has been improved once more in its click sound, spin and speed. When applying additional speed glue, there is the risc of "overgluing". Donic cannot offer any guarantees when speed glue was used. We recommand Donic Desto F1 for the following players: Players who used speed glue until now can do without by using Desto F1. Players who never used speed glue will feel a new, out of this world, sensation


Additional product details:


Speed: 101

Control: 93

Spin: 101

Characteristics: Offensiv+

Rubber-Type: Pimple in

Rubber-Hardness: Medium

Donic Rubber Desto F1

38,90 €Prix
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