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DONIC BlueGrip C1 and C2 - The future is already here

The BlueGrip in its V1 and R1 versions was already a revolution: the best of two worlds in one base!
DONIC is now continuing this development. With the BlueGrip C1 and the C2, two versions of this series have been added that put everything else in the shade.
The following also applies to these two: The DONIC BlueGrip has a sticky surface in the Chinese style and also a sponge with a powerful catapult effect and enormous dynamics that are only known from coverings from Japan and Germany. But this dynamic has now been significantly increased. With the 60 ° hard sponge of the C1 version, the ball in topspin describes an even stronger bow and gets even more speed, the C2 has a slightly softer sponge and also subtle differences in the nub geometry, which also support the softer feel.

Technology: full tenor sponge, sticky top rubber. Heaviest (90 g) and hardest sponge (60 °) of the BlueGrip series
Character: very hard! Highest dynamics and strongly curved curve of the flight curve in topspins, enormous grip
Recommended for: forehand for uncompromising topspin players who are already looking for their advantages in the serve-return game


Additional product details:


Speed: 128

Control: 83

Spin: 125

Characteristics: Offensiv++

Rubber-Type: Pimple in

Rubber-Hardness: Hard

Donic Rubber Blue Grip C1

52,90 €Prix
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