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Tibhar Rubber Evolution MX-D

Very adhering PRO rubber surface, hard power sponge – maximum dynamic and extraordinary high spin.

What are your looking for? Maximum power? The MX-P is made for you! On the other hand, if you privilege maximum spin, then the MX-S is your best choice. You cannot make up your mind and you are looking for a rubber combining the characteristics of these legendary rubbers: our high-performance rubber EVOLUTION MX-D offers a new version at the top of the world's most powerful table tennis rubbers with maximum dynamic.
The Evolution top rubber with the best tuning in terms of grip, coupling, optimized ball contact time, energy absorption and release have been combined with the brand new RED ENERGY SPONGE. This newly developed sponge offers higher dynamics with a softer feel and deploys its enormous performances especially in topspin.


Additional product details:


Speed: 130

Control: 75

Spin: 125

Characteristics: Offensiv+

Rubber-Type: Pimple in

Rubber-Hardness: Hard



Tibhar Rubber Evolution MX-D

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