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The most famous DHS rubber of all time is still available in additional versions:
The Provincial and the National version. Underlaid with the traditional blue sponge, these two versions offer even more stickiness and speed.

Connoisseurs know that the great advantages are not limited to spin and speed:
Chinese rubbers have very little momentum, which leads to insanely high control in passive play. The ball bounce is also always the same, which improves the stability and quality of the strokes. Technically well-trained players manage to immediately switch to offensive mode with the Provincial and National version.

- National version with Blue Sponge: in the DHS universe, this is the highest quality level!
- Very sticky top rubber combined with a sponge whose speed reserves can be called up in no time.
- As usual with NEO rubbers, underlaid with an adhesive foil and with a NEO Speedsponge.
- The choice of the Chinese top players!

Only in black!


Additional product details:


Speed: 120

Control: 90

Spin: 127

Characteristics: Offensiv

Rubber-Type: Pimple in

Rubber-Hardness: Hard

DHS Rubber Neo Hurricane 3 National 39° Blue Sponge

109,90 €Precio
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